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Skurativskyi in KINO-KOLO (1997–2008)


Vadym Skurativskyi

Skurativskyi in KINO-KOLO (1997–2008)

A monograph

Vadym Skurativskyi is a Ukrainian a person of keen intellect, art critic, historian, literary critic, publicist, author of more than 1,000 publications on the history of Ukrainian, Russian and Western literatures, shared history, philosophy of history, history of cinema and theater, member of the Initiative Group “First December”.

He graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Romano-Germanic Philology; defended his doctoral dissertation “Screen arts in the socio-cultural processes of the XXth century”. He is the author and host of the series of TV shows A Fresh Look at History, Monologues. Hopes and losses, I see the land. He starred, in particular, in Serhii Masloboishchykov’s feature films Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk, Wind Noise. He was writing for the KINO-KOLO quarterly magazine from the first and until the very last issue (1997–2008), where he published forty original analytical materials providing a penetrating look at the history, present and future of the Ukrainian and world cinematography that fill this book.

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