Institute for Cultural Research

of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine

Art and Life


I. Yudkin, O.Berehova, O. Onishchenko, Ye. Kovalenko, O. Oliinyk, I. Bermes.

Art and Life.


Collection of scientific works (216 p.) is the result of the fundamental scientific research of the Institute for Cultural Research of the NAA of Ukraine on the topic Integrative processes as a perspective of Ukraine’s cultural development: methodological, semiotic, communicative, interactive, regional aspects.

It discusses questions of the social life of artistic texts, their creation, distribution, interpretation. Problems of interpretation take the main place in the analytical research of the authors. They consider social circumstances affecting the perception of artistic phenomena, revealing and developing of their content capabilities. The collection aims at the development of a synthetic picture of Ukrainian culture.

It is for scientists (cultural scientists, philosophers, art critics), teachers, graduate students, doctoral students and everyone interested in the problems of art in the cultural space.

© I. Yudkin, O. Berehova, O. Onishchenko, Ye. Kovalenko, O. Oliinyk, I. Bermes, 2016.

© Yurii Bohutskyi (Foreword), 2016.

© Institute for Cultural Research of the NAA of Ukraine, 2016.

© Authors (electronic version), 2014.

ISBN 978-966-2241-39-6

Art and Life. 2016 (ukr.). pdf.